Must be slacking!

Oops I have just found this ‘old’ page that I never posted. SO apologies that it is late but still relevant. This was written before I bought the new ‘Eco-Lamps and Light Table set in the previous page.
This is about a shoot I was asked to do was of some products a friend sells on their web-site. The problem with the product is that it is a foil pack with a label on, the label wasn’t a problem but getting the foil pack to look like foil with silvers and light greys was not that hard to achieve, you just had to know how to light it.
So because I do not have my workshop cum studio finished, well I hadn’t even started it before the first shoot, I had to find somewhere where I could set up 3 studio lamps around a light-tent and leave it up after the shoot until the client approved the images, so…..


It was in to the loft, bit chilly at first and I am glad I had boarded it out earlier in the year as it gave me a flat surface to work on.

The light-tent is a Lastolite one I purchased about 20 years ago, I used it to photograph sample boards with hardware products on for a company I worked for at the time. It is a little awkward to use as the seam you can see has to be pulled apart to get the camera lens in to photograph. I suppose with a tripod and an extending arm and connecting the camera to a laptop you could open the top and have the camera facing down so you are at right-angle to the object being photographed.

So this set-up did ok… I have covered the logo and the web address as I do not have specific permission to use this company’s product, even though I took the images.
Note to oneself; get a contract that says I can use the photos for publicity!
So as you can see the light tent has rendered the foil pack beautifully but also given the image a 3-D effect.

But then I was asked to produce a Christmas theme, for this I would need to have a white background, something that was required of the other website where the products are sold, so I went and purchased a Light-table that has a white perspex top, bit like a light box of old, also some eco daylight lamps, these are not a flash head but have the lights on permanently. The thing I like about these though is that you can turn off any one of the 5 bulbs in the head separately! which will help to balance the lighting.


I only used 4 of the 5 lamps under the PVC translucent sheet, possibly could have switched off another one or two as the ends of the ‘leaves’ are light. But it saves all that shadow under the object showing or having to be photoshopped out. I will be using this set-up a bit more when the ‘Man-Cave’ Studio is finished. The above image was used for our Christmas cards this year, but for family I had purchased a small plaster-cast fire place with  hooks that you could hang small silicone christmas stockings with names on, but I bought the blank ones so I could add the family names in Photoshop. This year intact we have bought a few new decorations, but for photographing and using on cards etc. I can see this lighting table and lights being used quite a bit in the future.


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