That Time of year!

Hello all, well this time of year, although a bit late now is when I go out looking for small ‘Christmassy’ things to photograph to use on Christmas cards and such like. I have a Hallmark software program which I think is a bit useless for the UK as it is American driven, the clip art is focused on American things and you cannot find anything to do with Hockey; Field Hockey in the program it’s ICE Hockey or Rugby, it’s American Football, you know where the players get all togged up with face masks and shoulder pads, ‘Dynasty’ eat your heart out! so I have now started to design my own cards. You don’t really need Hallmark to do it you can design one in Photoshop or Elements, any software that allows you to design pages and odd rectangles.

So the first thing I noticed when I dropped into a Wyvale Garden centre back in November was a model fireplace, this had hooks on the mantlepiece to hang  up to 4 Christmas Stockings, these you could purchase with names already on or, you could choose ‘Blank’ ones, which is what I did, Then photographed them and in Photoshop Elements with the aid of the Text Tool did up various images with all my family’s names on.

The Left one is the original image and the right after inserting a name.

Now you don’t have to go rummaging around christmas markets, you could use the decorations you put up at home:

The left one I set up before putting them up in the dining room, it is a ceramic/pottery tree with one bulb inside that lights up the plastic candles and the nativity scene was a card sent by my daughter and grandson some years back, all I did was put a home made snoot on the flash to highlight the manger.
The right image was taken after the Christmas tree was put up, I didn’t use the image until the following year, again in the Hallmark program I added Merry Christmas.

You are only held back by your own imagination:

A few years ago I ventured out after it had snowed, taking many shots of trees and walks, I just happened to come out on the walk on the left and spied the gentleman and dog in the distance, so took a couple of shots, I could have instead had a friend with a dog or a couple pose for me like that and the image of the berries was another taken that year.

People have even had cards made with their own portraits on the cover, it really is up to you and your imagination.
I’ll leave you with an image that I ‘cobbled’ together for social media this year, unfortunately I didn’t put a copyright on it anywhere and was shared by a few of my friends, but hey, it is the season of good will.
Now this was composed all in Photoshop Elements…..





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