I Venture Out Just Before Dark

Well not exacting ‘just’ before, about 6.40pm I was a tad later than I wanted. I saw the sun setting over the bungalows opposite and thought it might make a good picture, no, not from the  beach, from inland, the highest point in Heacham, Chalk Pit.

I rushed up there with the tripod, the D810 with 24-70mm f/2.8 and the D700 with the 80-400mm attached. The D700 went on the tripod with a shutter release cord attached and the D810 was hand held. I dialled in EV-2 to start and ended up at EV-4.0 but the -2.0 was enough to start with.

Then rushed home to ‘develop’ them. Was quite spooky up there as it got dark. The guys at the Recycle Depot will be wondering what that fella was doing parking there at night, staying for 1/2 hour or so then driving off.

They appear in the order they were taken. You can see the night clouds rolling in from the south, the left of the images.


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