A Snapshot

Snapshot |ˈsnapʃɒtnoun
An informal photograph taken quickly, typically with a small handheld camera. a collection of family snapshots.

Many years ago when much younger, a few relations had cameras of the ‘box’ variety; I think all consumer cameras were like that, it was only the professional photographers or enthusiasts who had anything else. People came back from holiday and would show their ‘Snaps’ off of where they went. Also when there was a ‘gathering’ of relations someone would say, “let’s take a snap of the occasion”.

Now though, snapshot means a photograph taken quickly, as in the dictionary definition above, but not always with a small handheld camera. My camera although smaller than a Medium Format camera, is significantly heavier and bigger than the modern Compact cameras.
So this leads me onto the image below. Sitting in the hobby room, as it has been named, looking out at the garden I saw something flash past and into the bush directly in front of the window. My first thought was  Sparrowhawk, grabbed the camera that had the 80-400mm lens attached and watched. A small Sparrow came out and jumped lower down the bush then from the top a Sparrowhawk did appear, with wings outstretched and turned and dived down the other side of the trellis, It was so quick, a blink of an eye would have missed it.
So the image although not pin sharp, shows the Sparrowhawk with wings out-stretched and turning to dive to the ground. Luckily for the small birds that shelter in that bush but unluckily for the Sparrowhawk, he didn’t get brunch.



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